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How Technology Has Changed The Real Estate Industry

Posted by wren_admin on June 7, 2021

Keeping up with the times can be difficult, but technology being made available to realtors has certainly helped in making a convenient shift to marketing advancement. Technology has helped shape real estate in several ways. 

Some of the effects of technology include: 

  • Online Property Platforms: numerous property platforms have been created online, some of the available ones in Nigeria include; Nigeria Property Center,,, Private Property listings, Home Trovit. These have helped buyers to have numerous options to view the pictures of various property choices, compare prices, have an idea of the location and environment.  Sellers are now realizing the need to work with realtors that understand online advertisement, which includes, taking professional photography & video, as well as a distribution strategy for it to get to potential buyers. 

  • Virtual Tours: now that every average Nigerian has access to a mobile device, people now find it easier to go on property platforms first, to view properties, check pictures and videos of properties available. This will help them know what the property looks like, the location, price and also have an idea of the environment before even asking to book a physical inspection. 

  • Virtual Processing and Transaction: if you’ve ever purchased real estate, you’ll agree that the closing process takes a lot of time. However, technology has helped reduce stress to the nearest minimum. We can now send documents back and forth, edit documents and even sign using a virtual signature, with signature enabling software such as DocuSign.  Hence, you can close deals anywhere and at any time without having to be there physically but make sure you confirm the authenticity of involving parties. Trust a genuine realtor like to help you with your real estate investment, either online or offline. 

  • Drones: the invention of drones has also made capturing of properties even more realistic. This allows realtors to capture a massive area of land or houses even from the rooftop and beyond. This way, potential buyers can have good view of what the property and neighborhood look like without stepping out of their homes.  

Technology now has a lot of roles to play in present-day real estate. It has significantly helped the buying and selling of real estate, by making properties more accessible and the process less stressful.

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