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Property Planning and Development

We develop residential and commercial properties in Nigerias’ most promising areas, creating ideal opportunities for our clients to live or invest. As our clients’ satisfaction is our objective, our projects are always of premium quality, while being aesthetically appealing. We fuse creative design, integrated planning and detailed construction, to create the regal works of art that you desire.

Sale and Leasing of Residential and Commercial Properties

Wren Regent maintains a portfolio of residential and commercial properties for clients to live or invest in. All properties listed on our portfolio have undergone a full inspection and a standardised assessment, and have been selected to meet the demand by key demographic groups. We emphasise security of title and thus ensure that all legal processes and perfection requirements are satisfied.

Property Marketing

We sell properties on behalf of owners, representatives and consultants leveraging on our extensive contacts among key demographics. At Wren Regent, we do not simply market property- our strategy is to create unique experiences for potential clients, ensuring that your property is optimally placed within the market.

Our job is to get your property off the market and into the right hands. That is exactly what we do.

Facility Management

Wren Regent understands that your property is a valuable asset that should remain profitable in the real estate market. We have the expertise needed to maintain, operate and monitor your property, so as to ensure pristine functionality by employing a full range of facility management services.

Property Consultancy

Wren Regent understands the key drivers of the property market. We understand the importance of value creation and unconventional approaches needed to achieve results. By consistently keeping up with current trends, legislation and policies that create the framework of the industry, we are positioned to give you solutions aimed at enhancing the value of your asset.

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